December 8, 2021

Arms of the ministry

The ministry has four major arms:

1. Media

This is the part of the ministry that rely on producing quality media contain to reach out with the truth of Gods word through Movies, short film and more. We have already produced many movies and television broadcast.

2. Education & Training

We train the total person to know and live by her ‘True Identity’ in order to be able to change his/her total world God’s way using uniquely creative curriculum, technology and exposure to the undiluted/absolute truth of the scriptures. Basic training is given on issues of Identity, leadership and facilitation skills, sexuality, Biblical worldview, entreprenural skills, purposeful living and functional literacy.

3. Holistic Discipleship

Reaches out to the unreached persons with the gospel of our true identity as well as disciple them. Our strategy is simple! This is designed to receive converts from outreach services and build them up into mature believers-Biblical men (son of promise) and Women (daughters of Sarah) who are worthy Ambassadors of Jesus Christ. Intentional discipleship using the word of God to train the mind to think right, act right and live right.

4. Rehabilitation and Community Services’

Setting up community counseling centers for the purpose of restoration of the beauty of family life though discipleship counseling. We reach out to the vulnerable especially the girl child and bring hope and restore dignity to them .

We are now ready to reveal the hidden agenda of the enemies of the Truth , revealing the Supremacy of Christ and the authority of God’s Word in truly bringing life purpose and hope to all those who hear it and obey.

Dr. Mrs. Ekaete Ettang