November 28, 2022
Members Of the Ministry


Spartan drill by Man O’ War at Citizenship and Leadership Training Shere Hills Jos, Plateau

Sports, games and physical exercise are major parts of the curriculum of the Daughters of Sarah Ministries Leadership Training Retreats. The Sports demonstrated below are parts of our Leadership Training, held at Leadership and Citizenship Centre, Shere Hills, Jos. The training includes physical training for leaders to learn physical fitness, mental alertness and to be more useful to their family and the body of Christ.

Many of the games focus on team-building exercises, endurance trek, morning drills, rock climbing, and this exercises, these sports created a lot of fun for us, we were energized and several of us discovered abilities in endurance, sport man spirit, strong leadership skills and physical fitness habits and courage it also helps us to build relationships with leaders and fellow ministry members.

The Spartan drills were handled by the officials of the leadership and citizenship centre under the Man O’ War programme. The Man O’ War trainers took time to explain every sporting activity to educate us on the purpose for each exercise, the character traits to gain, teamwork mechanism technique to learn and the good sportsmanship to develop. The physical exercises work together with the leadership training to raise a strong leadership team.