January 30, 2023
Daniel Joseph Academy – Akwa-Ibom

Daniel Joseph Academy – Akwa-Ibom

Valentine Weekend Workshop

Undressing sex by Praise Fowowe

This happened in Daniel Joseph Academy school hall on the 13th of February, 2021. The School programme titled “Valentine weekend” was to help Students discover the reality of the claims that St Valentine’s Day represents God’s picture of true Love.

First discovery was that there is no factual account of the stories because we got about 5 different versions of the St Valentine stories. That helped us to place the Valentine global Love day celebration as a myth. We tasked ourselves to research on a true version of the story. The transforming truth is that Jesus Christ remains God’s Love gift to the World, a gift that enriches in every facet of life without risk. Whereas Valentine’s day can be described as a universal day of permissive sexual immorality.

Secondly we went on a training on Sex using Mr Praise Fowowe’s project of 2007 on Nigerian Youths titled “Undressing Sex. This was a very interesting, insightful and well researched project of great discussions, clear illustrations and challenging questions all put together to challenge the youth to uphold sexual purity as true Princes and Princesses of God. The topic was a challenge to what the Teens believed they knew thus, it precipitated a lot of questions, arguments and expositions.

The high point of the discussion was when some senior students challenged the facilitators that sexual purity is that a discussion permitted in the 21st Century global age and besides, if they are asked not to practice sex how can they know how to perform sexually when they grow older? We took turns trashing this puzzle biblically and from practical experiences until everyone, heaved a sigh of relieve, “I now understand”.

Thus, the final resolution was both educative and revealing. The meeting was highly interactive and also eye opening to many students. It was a bold step discussing sex with teenagers but it turned out a very timely discussion that we believe will help several of the participants to hold their sexual purity in esteem.

In attendance were about 260 students with 10 teaching staff who are also CTLWC Coordinators. About 72 students committed to Christ and to sexual purity. As proof of their conviction, they each received the ministry ‘’Yellow card of covenant of sexual purity’’, God is Gracious.

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