December 8, 2021
King’s Kid Christian Montessori School -Akwa-Ibom
Kings Kid Christian Montessori School

King’s Kid Christian Montessori School -Akwa-Ibom

King’s Kid Christian Montessori School

We thank God for encouraging us every day to appreciate taking the CTLWC to other primary schools, the stories are the same, that our younger children in the primary schools are vulnerable to the sexualized world we are growing in, that is why there is need for urgent but carefully strategized programme that is deliberately designed to educate their young minds to stand for what is true and sexually healthy.

This academic session we started a CTLWC in another primary school. In the picture is the cross section of pupils from King’s Kids Christian Montessori School. We were given two slot to train the pupils on third and fourth Thursday morning 8:15 – 9:30 during their ethical and moral day. God turned the club time into an hour of spiritual awakening. Since it was our first meeting with the school, Teachers were tensed up as we narrated the story of the Judas Goat.

How God miraculously open the eyes of the pupils to identify the Judas Goat in the lives, in school and in their immediate environment confounded our imagination. God is reaching out to all and sundry, in fact, every facets of people’s group. That is why we must rise up and give him space, all we want to say here is ‘’Lord thank you for being there for us’’