December 8, 2021
The School Unique Uyo Akwa-Ibom – 2021

The School Unique Uyo Akwa-Ibom – 2021

The School Unique

The school unique uyo is a pre-nursery, Nursery and Primary school. We have experimented with choices and CTLWC for more than one academy year. We tagged it an experiment because the CTLWC is pattern over the years to reach to teenagers and youths. But recently, we discover that the material could still answer to the needs in the life of the younger generation. That is how we began to try the teachings even though in little nuggets to feed the young pupils in our school. Today we have a tested proof that the language of love and sex can be understood in the heart of the growing children because the society is highly sexualized.

In THE SCHOOL UNIQUE, UYO, CTLWC is growing strong and the pupils are participating with understanding, they are also asking challenging questions showing that they are not far from the reality of what is going on in the society. Rather they are enjoying the training with evidence of changing lifestyle and an enabling environment for corporation and learning. God is great. We, the facilitators truly appreciate God’s help in our team.

We are using this forum to rend our voice in a clarion call to all mission minded Christians, especially those in the ministry to enlarge their coast. Children out there are stretching out their hands for help, may our positive responds to their cry agree with the kingdom move for revival in this segment of life.

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