January 30, 2023
You are at Risk – Part 1

You are at Risk – Part 1

And your Response Matters

You need to know that the moral fibre of our nation has been distorted. The society seems to be saying to you through various means that the basis of choice-making is not necessarily the discipline that provides for a Godly life but that which gives pleasure to the senses. It says if it feels good, do it, life comes around only once, live it to its fullest while you can.

Nobody seems to link these choices and actions to their consequences. Under the fire of peer pressure and the society that has turned away from godly standards, there is an overwhelming level of sexual permissive attitudes and culture. With media lies, indecent dressing, gender confusion, pornography, HIV/AIDS, STDs, wrong role models from homes and friends, incest, sexual abuse at an occultic dimension, etc., just to mention but a few. All these put premarital sex as a fashion, in vogue, which should not be resisted. It also portrays human beings as higher mammals that can be on heat without self-control.

The society in many ways seems to be sexually permissive. There are many places in the world where Parents consider it a normal way of life for their grown-up children to bring in a lady to the house, engage in sexual acts and the lady can even stay in the house for days. They don’t consider it a sin, but rather a normal way of life. How about young ladies that go to stay in their boyfriend’s house for days or even months as though they were married? This is also common and found among University students, where you see a girl staying with her boyfriend throughout the semester, they call it “Enjoyment and catching fun”.

In the midst of the quiet approval, the young people appear to be the target and sad victims of low morals. Abortion among teenagers is alarming. Suicidal tendency is on the increase. Hearts get broken and dreams shattered. It seems that the home has failed to provide the needed security for youths. If you do not stop to confront yourself with the truth, you are at risk of losing your sexual health, creative identity and purpose in life and yet face both physical death and an eternity of damnation in hell!

The enemy’s strategy is to destroy your bright future. You must rise up to commit to pursuing sexual purity. That everybody is doing it does not make it right. Be yourself and stand with God. One with God is majority in the long run. Despise what is evil and stand for what is good with the remnant that loves what is right.

Written by
Ekaete Ettang