October 2, 2022
June 2022- Episode 1 : How do I maintain my virginity till marriage?

June 2022- Episode 1 : How do I maintain my virginity till marriage?

First and foremost, it is very crucial to establish who’s you are. Are you God’s own virgin or self-ordained virgin?

I start with the latter. Today we have virginity club and so many self-approved organizations who out of pride and passion for what they stand for go all out to flaunt their virginity and device many means to keep up the status quo. On the other hand, we have God’s own virgins, those who have entered into an intimate love relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ His children, and are sold out to God completely have surrendered their will to him, live for him. And like Daniel Esther, and so many young people in the Bible, have proposed in their hearts to honor him by not defiling themselves with the king’s food.

God’s virgins, know who’s they are, and according to 2Timothy 2: 4, the only validation or approval, that is their preoccupation is God’s. Their full gaol is to be approved on to God. And because of that, they do not get entangled with civilian affairs, work schedules or whatever is happening around them, or whatever any other person is doing. But their sole concern is to be approved unto God. It is on this note, I wish to answer the question how do I remain a virgin till the time of my marriage? One, if you are God’s virgin, it is important to know that keeping your virginity is not about you, but God. You can’t keep yourself but God can keep you.

All he expects of you is to daily surrender your will to him and allow him to live his life in you, Zach. 4: 6 says it is not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit. If this truth is established in your heart, then you depend on God in the following ways, all the help to remain a virgin till marriage God has provided for us in the Bible. Psalm 119, verses 9, 11, and 105. Please read and meditate on these verses and let the word of God dwell richly in you. According to these verses of the Bible. The Bible says a young person can keep his or herself pure by watching or taking heed according to the Word of God. If a young person hides the word of God in his or her heart, the young person will not sin against God. For the word of God is a lamp and will provide direction for the young person on where to go, what to do, places to go, friends to keep if we’re willing to treasure the Word of God. It is a roadmap that will direct our paths and thoughts daily.

First Corinthians 15 Verse 33 commands us to beware of the company we keep for Bad company corrupts good morals. And second Corinthians six verse 14, we should not be unequally yoked. Be friends with like minds friends who will help you to be all that God wants you to be, friends who will sharpen and spur you onto righteousness. Mind what you read. Mind was you read and the environment you expose yourself to above all remember Heb 13: 4 and 5. Marriage is honorable in all things and the bed undefiled. But God has promised never to leave or forsake His children but to help us to be all he wants us to be. As we put our hands in his. He promised in Jude verse 24 that he’s able to keep his children from falling. Flee every appearance of evil. And like Joseph and Esther hate any action that God hates. See it as wickedness. Call it what God calls it.

Ephesians five verses three to seven is very clear about God’s command completely; study, chew it, put it to heart, and like Elizabeth Elliott says in for passion for purity. Let Jesus be the Lord of your love. It is not enough to say I am a child of God and you are still in charge of certain aspects of your life. If Jesus is not Lord of your love life, then he is not lord out of your life at all. Seek to honor God above all else, and he will honor you 1 Sam. 2: 30, God honors those who honor Him and those who despise him violating his commands. he will lightly esteem. Thank you God bless.

Thank you for listening /reading. Please if you have any questions, you can send your email to izone5.nigerial@gmail.com

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