December 8, 2021
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Write for our blog

Write Articles for our blog

If you are looking for an opportunity to exercise your writing muscles, write something you’re truly proud of, and share it with thousands of your peers — we’d love to have you join our community of revolutionaries’ contributors. While we cannot post everything we receive, following the submission guidelines carefully will give you the best chance of being published.

How to summit your writing?


We need some of us to write very short articles to spark a revolution of values on the net

Dr Mrs Ekaete Ettang

Include the following with all submissions:

  1. Paste your submission into the body of your email. Do not attach your submission as a Word Document, Pages Document, or PDF file (or any other format) — since copying from those documents will make formatting your post for the web much more difficult.
  2. If you’ve never been published on our website before , include a 50-75 word bio of yourself, written in the third person (e.g. “Bro Mike Ekeh is a 26-year-old engineer from Lagos Nigeria…”). NOTE: If you have been published before, we do not need your full bio, just your name and any updated information.
  3. Include a good photo of yourself to accompany your bio.
  4. Paste direct links to any social media pages or websites you’d like included on your author page.
  5. Ensure your articles topics are derives from our central theme: “IDENTITY”.
  6. Ensure that your article has a title and sub heading to facilitate readability
  7. Ensure the length of your article do not exceed 2 page of Microsoft word (though submission should not be made in word document but plain email text).

We will occasionally re-post content that has been published on your personal blog. However, submitting already-published work will reduce your odds of being accepted.

Please submit original content and give us 3-4 weeks to decide whether to publish your piece. You are always welcome to email us and check on the status of your submission.

How to Write?

Publishing an article on our web site is a great way to reach thousands of young people around the world and flex your muscles as a revolutionary writer as with the message of identity in Christ.
Read the following guidelines carefully to give you the best chance of being published. Note: this is a guideline to avoid articles that are too long and less engaging. Notwithstanding, there could be exceptions for good creative writing or very censitive topics.

  • Content: Articles can cover only proposed topics centered on IDENTITY.
  • Length/Formatting: Aim for between 600-1000 words. Keep your paragraphs short. More than 3-4 sentences will make your paragraphs too dense. Sub-headings to break up the content as well as numbered or bulleted lists also make your post more readable.
  • Editing: We will likely copy-edit your post for grammar, punctuation, spelling, etc. Articles that require substantive editing will most likely be rejected for that reason alone. If possible, have a good editor go over your submission before sending it in. Your style should be professional but personal. References to deity should not be capitalized.
  • Scripture: For Scripture quotations use the English Standard Bible (ESV).
  • Submitting: Submit your completed, polished article for consideration by our editorial team–one article at a time. Please note we only consider finished articles; we do not accept pitches.
  • Further questions: If you have any questions, feel free to contact the editorial team at We are happy to work with you and answer questions!

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